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Daily Online Shopping Experiences Makes Shopping for Pets Easy

Pets are precious, they become an extension of ourselves, they become our children. As parents, we want the world for our pets, the very best. Whether we are taking on the responsibility for the first time or the tenth time, the feeling of buying something special for our precious loved ones is always rewarding. Needless to say, there are countless sites out there that serve this need. is one of the biggest. A branch of the mega e-commerce site Wayfair, this is completely devoted to pet needs for all types of common pets, from cats and dogs to fish and birds, to small animals and reptiles. As the name suggests, it focuses mainly on pet furniture: beds and cages and such. It has a small selection of some pet accessories but don’t expect to find discounted bulk pet food here.

Pet furniture is something that is not necessarily easy to find in person. Major pet stores will have endless shelves of food and little toys, but very few large items. Those that do have a few tend to not have anything interesting. This is where the internet helps us. At allpetfurniture, one can find hundreds of beds, cages, towers, and even feeder bowl structures in a wide array of styles and prices.

With such a large collection, it is definitely a place to look through when you have plenty of time to do so. There are a lot of style options on the left side bar to narrow down your search if you know more or less what you’re looking for, but a solid colored bed for a medium sized dog still returns 604 results. And it’s just fun to see just how many different styles there are, things you never see at Petco or Pet Food Express.

Almost everyone has a standard over-sized pillow laying about on the floor, but what about something that is truly unique and special? Let’s look at some interesting things I found.


For luxury lovers who can't get enough of miniature furniture, here are some amazing fancy beds.


Pets deserve their own couches! The ultimate in luxury and comfort.


Shoot for unique. How about a pink barn house for your dog or a neat colorful box tower for your cat?


Want a litter box cover to actually match the rest of your home? Some great options so that the litter box doesn't look like... a litter box.


Combine cute with modern. Alternate housing options including a small dog kennel that doubles as a nightstand.


These seats make any pet look and feel like the man of the house.


You can never have too much fun. A slipper bed or a toilet water bowl is just too cute. And yes, that's an egg dog cushion.


A truly modern cat tower that is customizable to your cat's needs.


For those who love dressing up their dogs, they have little outfits as well.



The site does focus mainly on dog and cat products, but they have a decent selection of products for other animals as well. This fish “hotel” tank won the Canadian Build a Better Competition and was spread all over online when it happened. Well, you can now buy it through allpetfurniture.





The large selection alone makes this site worth going through to find the perfect piece of furniture for your pet. Wayfair claims “free shipping and easy returns on almost everything” which is tough to beat. With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, it’s pretty tough to go wrong here.

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