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The Tea Spot is the Ultimate in Loose Leaf Teas

The heated rivalry between coffee and tea drinkers is intense yet rarely disputed about in public, even though many popular places such as Starbucks have begun to serve tea along with their coffee. It seems that at some point in history, coffee became the “American” drink, and tea faded into the background, even though the Boston Tea Party was one of the key events leading to the founding of this country.

The Tea Spot brings the exquisite experience of tea into your home in loose leaf form, unprocessed and from the top sources. For great tea enthusiasts and newcomers alike, the finest teas from around the world are gathered here to ensure that you have the best steeped beverage. Healthy and delicious, relaxing and invigorating, the teas here are of a level you can never find bottled at grocery stores or Starbucks.


The finest of teas from Asia.


Drinking tea steeped from loose leaves ensures the best of flavors with no loss of nutrients or benefits. The presence of herbs provides numerous health bonuses that is not present in coffee, and countless combinations of flavors are possible through blending. Each batch can usually be steeped multiple times with no loss of flavor, providing longevity of your supply. From light hearted white teas to bold black teas, there is a taste to match anyone’s preference.


These teas have great rich tones of chocolate, caramel, and coconut.


Whether your tastes lie with the traditional Earl Grey or something novel, The Tea Spot has something for you. Along with the typical Ceylon and green teas, they have great floral and fruity blends, to interesting creations including a black tea with little bits of caramel that melt into every cup. Whatever the occasion, be it to compliment a meal, enjoy for dessert, or just on its own during the afternoon, these teas can suit.


Beautiful flowers make amazing teas.


The site also teaches you that tea does not necessarily come in the form of shards of dried leaves. Whole flower buds, circular blocks that unravel, and twists than unfurl provide a visual delight as well as stimulating our sense of taste and smell. It turns the steeping process just as enjoyable as drinking the result.


Fruit teas can be enjoyed at any time of day, hot or chilled.


The Tea Spot company itself finds the teas and packages them for you, ensuring that each batch meets their quality standards. Sourcing from literally all over the world, they are not your average bulk supplier. Their company is founded on a touching story of an ovarian cancer survivor whose life became devoted to finding the best teas possible to compliment one’s health. She devotes 10% of every sale to cancer research, and has been acknowledged in countless press features including Food & Wine and The Oprah Magazine. By drinking her teas, you not only help your own health, but the health of others.


Other great forms of teas available at The Tea Spot.


The site is easily navigable by tea source region, caffeine level, and type (although you reach them by different ways). Apart from different bulk and tin sizes, they also offer samplers and sampler sets so that you can try them out before committing to a large batch. They also offer gift sets and an annual club membership that automatically sends you samplers at every quarter of the year. They even have their own line of mugs and teaware called Steepware in cheerful colors, giving you every resource to enjoy an amazing cup of tea. Continental US also gets free shipping for every order above $50 (which is not difficult to do).


Teas that are functional as well as delicious. These teas help you fight the cold or prepare you for a long active day.


For those who find themselves lost in all these leaves, the site offers a personal shopper service where you just call or email them for help and they are glad to give it to you. During business hours they also have staff present on live chat. Obviously used teas can’t be returned but they will process any returns for their Steepware within 30 days of purchase.


Cute and functional teaware.


The site also has very useful and lengthy articles on the history of tea, tea traditions from around the world, the eco-friendly practices of the company, health benefits, and even a great list of recipes for cooking with tea. I’d love to point them to Fujian style cooking, a section of Chinese cuisine that specifically cooks with oolong tea (original Iron Chef fans know what I’m talking about).

There you have it, a source of the world’s best teas, whether you’re an enthusiast or someone who’d like to start off on the right path. With such great leaves and blends, a selection of equipment, and many informative articles, what more could you ask for?

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