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Old Time Candy is a Welcome Trip Down Memory Lane

Many things will make a valiant effort, but very few will successfully give you the sweet nostalgic feeling of reliving your childhood. And I can’t think of a place on the internet that accomplishes this as well as What better way to feel like a kid again than by eating the same candy that you enjoyed and loved so much? With an enormous selection of candy from 1990’s to pre-1920’s era, there is sure to be something to recognize regardless of your age (unless your name is Kimura Jiroemon).

Browsing through this site is a world of delight, as you literally “walk down the candy aisle” (this time you have all the time in the world and no mom to worry about) and your eyes catch on one thing and then the next, your mind shouting out “I REMEMBER THOSE!!” And then it dawns on you: you can have them again. You can have them in bulk. The implications are at once both tempting and frightening. But you can’t tear your eyes away. You must look at them all. They’re completely inanimate objects but you can stare at them for hours. The fact that they are so close within your reach but not within your possession taunts you, and you want them all. Then you realize, you have become a kid once again.

Prepping for this review was quite fun yet strenuous at the same time. There were too many things I liked. After my first pass through, I had over 200 images. Then I realized I had to actually do something with them to make them somewhat useful to this post. Just like a kid at the candy store, I wanted every picture on this post. Of course, no one is going to actually look through over 200 images when they can look through the exact same ones at the site, which actually has bits of information to go along with each product. So the practical side of me made a compromise and I made giant pictures of most of the images I collected. It’s not anything pretty or print-worthy, it merely gives my reader a good impression of just how big this site’s selection is. Just look at the image I composed at a glance, and lose yourself just like I did upon entering this site.

Candy is such a great word in that it even sounds sweet, a happy word that also elicits child-like emotions. But not all candy is sweet, some of us even prefer those. The cinnamons, the black licorices, the salted nuts, these all provided an enjoyable flavor that wasn’t necessarily sweet. Really, there was a candy out there for every taste. Um, let’s correct that sentence. There are hundreds of candies out there for every taste. Quite a few are at this site.




I figured I will start off the post with the smallest pictures and work my way up, and thus reward those who stick to the end (unless you’re impatient like me, and you’ve left this blog already to shop at oldtimecandy). With so much candy on my mind it is hard for me to keep focus but I will do my best to relay as much information as I can.




The site is very easy to navigate. You can choose to either browse by decade or by candy type, or simply “walk the aisle” and lose yourself in candy heaven (does anyone remember the Candyland board game?). You can also choose to browse by occasion, which kindly offers gift ideas for whomever you may have in mind. There are gift sets to suit every need, with the option of free hand written gift cards and personalization, all you need to do is wrap it. There are even corporate gift sets which are sure to be a hit at any office. You can get party favors, either pre-packed or customized, each of them wrapped for your event. A great selection of retro toys are a perfect nostalgic compliment to the candy.




Based in Ohio and began by a couple who fondly remember the good ol’ days, oldtimecandy is to give you what also brings them joy, the feeling of being a kid again. They have researched over 80 companies to find the ones that still exist and produce the same candy they did back in the day, to bring you fresh supplies of what otherwise would be dust. Of course, it would be too good if they all still existed. They have a lengthy list of candies that have been discontinued and thus impossible to find, the length of that list only further proves the amount of work they put into finding their goods. I can hardly complain, however, for the lost candies. It is amazing that they are able to find what they have, and I have grateful that they were able to successfully do so.




There are over 300 different candies to look at, most of them available in different sizes and flavors. You can choose to buy one package (HAHA OH PLEASE) or in boxes. Choose to walk down the aisle and selecting a particular item can teach you a bit of the candy’s history, which, now that you’re an adult, you can appreciate. There is no bulk order shipping bonus here (unless you’re buying wholesale) but they also charge you for shipping exactly what the shipping companies charge them. Hence, you do not pay them anything for putting what you want into a box. Every fee is upfront and you pay no more than you should ever have to. To back this up, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with literallyzero complaints within the past three years (and I don’t expect to see any appearing in the near or far future).


Nothing but nuts.


They guarantee 100% satisfaction. This means full refund of the price and initial shipping charges. I can’t imagine why anyone would be dissatisfied with what they receive, but it’s there just in case. They take great care that you get exactly what you want. By exactly what you want I mean not even blemishes in what you ordered. We all know the chocolate bar in the pocket syndrome. If they happen to ship anything when the weather is hot, they will pack it with an ice gel pack for free. If they believe it needs more ice packs, they will do so. For Free. If they believe that your shipments needs to be sent in a cooler with multiple ice packs, they will do so. For free. They don’t expect you to return these things, they are simply part of the service.


What I call special candy including some of my all-time favorites.


They are also quite supportive of other businesses. You can see a nice list of links of other sites that may be of interest. By a nice list I mean 70 or so. As a business you can request a link exchange. Maybe one day my blog will be on that list!


Ah the fruits. Tangy with a sweet edge.


They also have a rewards program for regular customers. For every two dollars you spend, you earn a point. 100 points will give you a $5 credit towards your next purchase. Hence, you will receive back $5 for every $200 spent. Not too shabby, especially when considering their low prices.


Is this enough gum for you?


If you’re still reading this post, you really shouldn’t be. Go over to and bring a bit of happiness to your day.

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