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Nothing brings new excitement in your life like a baby, nor such responsibilities. Whether it is your first time or your sixth, a baby demands utmost attention and care. Shopping for the newborn begins even before birth, to ensure that everything is perfect and ready when the miracle of life occurs. Unfortunately it is never that easy, there’s always something else you end up needing, something overlooked, and as the baby grows there is a completely different world of products to buy. We all want the very best for our little bundle of joy, to ensure that their lives start on the right foot. is a very nice site for all sorts of baby products, and what I noticed about this particular site as opposed to other mega-sites is that this one accommodates a wide range of styles. Be it pretty and angelic, cute and cheery, or funny and silly, this site carries products to fit your taste. Unsure about what exactly you want or shopping for an expectant friend and have no clue where to start? This site can help you by showing you a variety of options, with a great selection and easy browsing options. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee also allows you to return most things in case you make a mistake or change your mind, and they offer fast and free shipping for all orders above $100.



I always appreciate any site with a wide selection, as I know that I can return to the same site to shop for someone else if I like their service. And there’s always the high chance of finding something you like that you had not thought about before, that you didn’t know existed. Shopping for expectant mothers is pressuring, you want to find the one item that you know will suit both the mother and the baby and also be personal to yourself, something that the mother will always remember that it is a gift from you. When it comes to those situations, I like to look at everything out there, and Baby Haven is a great place to start such a search. With a wide selection I immediately get an idea of what is out there and can start narrowing my options. For those with extensive baby shopping experience, the site navigation that allows you to narrow down your search by style, brand, size and color can immediately tell you if the site has what you are looking for.


Baby fashion is just like any other trend. It changes with time, and there are constantly new innovating and modern designs, but there are also timeless classics that have always been appreciated. By seeing the two extremes side by side, I can decide for myself which one I prefer, which one I believe is of a better quality, and more importantly, which one the mother will appreciate.


Babies are cute. There is no argument there. Baby products are designed to enhance that cuteness as much as possible. But what kind of cute do we want as shoppers? Some of us can’t get enough of cute animal faces. Some of us love fruit and flower motifs. And then there are still those of us who must find the simple abstract shapes that are minimal yet present a strong image of sophistication. I was able to find products that match all of those preferences at this site, and then those items that didn’t fit into any distinct category but displayed a unique style of their own. I love finding products that push the boundaries, that create a unique style of their own, that break new grounds.


For this post, I arranged the photos by color for two reasons. Firstly, it seems that most mothers are very keen on color coordinating everything. Secondly, even though most baby products follow a very narrow color range, it is the variety of style that stands out for me on this site, which can easily be seen by putting multiple items of the same color next to each other. If you know that the mother wants a yellow item no matter what, why not see every yellow item the site has to offer?


Not every baby item is pastel blue and pink. Some people are frankly sick and tired of those colors, while others love the classics. This site can accommodate both preferences, while at the same time showing that the tried and true colors can be used in avant garde ways and vice versa. It is a fresh look, and reassures the mother that her baby is truly special, that there is no other in the world like hers.


Of course, it’s not all about looks. Babies are sensitive and fragile, and we want to make sure that the products are of the best quality. Baby Haven carries hospital grade bottles and pacifiers, and has every bit of info on the product you will want to know about it in the description. Some products even have videos from the manufacturer explaining how it is made and how great it is for the child.


Baby Haven ships worldwide and also sells in bulk to schools and day care centers. What’s great is that they also have a price guarantee, where they will match any lower price you find for the same item. It is a company that truly values customer appreciation, and this is backed by an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Baby shopping is at once both a rewarding and stressful experience, and Baby Havens does everything they can to make it an easier and hassle free experience.

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