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Funky Sofa is So Much More Than Sofas

I’m not sure why I stress so much whenever I have to shop for furniture. Maybe it’s because of the cost, the sheer of size of the items, or the fact that I feel that the act of purchasing a piece of furniture means that I must be committed to owning this thing for an untold length of time. It’s also partly because I know that I must look at it every day, that it must represent a specific function yet an aesthetic look that says “this is me”. It must also be something that I can be proud to show anybody else who may step into my abode, be it a close friend or acquaintance, be able to answer any questions about it without having to utter an awkward explanation of “well, I only bought it because it was the cheapest one I could find….”

Like all my friends, I went through the IKEA phase in college. In some ways, I’m still going through it (hard to beat a simple $60 bookcase…). But now that I’ve been out of college for some years and making a bit more money, find myself furnishing yet another apartment, I find myself dreading the long drawn IKEA treks. The simple truth is, I’m sick of looking at the same things I’ve been looking at for ten years. I want something less generic, something more personal, and ideally something I can afford without winning the lottery.

I’ve never actually bought my own sofa before. I never needed to. I either lived in a place where there already was one or basically lived out of my bed. When my boyfriend expressed his desire for a sofa for our first place together, my initial response was “why?” And he was just as confused about my reaction as I was about his request.

I was silly, of course. We definitely needed a sofa, it was just something I hadn’t thought about since I’ve always lived alone. We decided on a budget and I began to look. I went to all the sofa showrooms in the area. I went to IKEA. I looked online. And I was fairly appalled at what I found. It was either IKEA or something that was three or four times the price range of IKEA. Not even close to anything within our budget. If it was, it was poor quality and horrible looking. Not even remotely comfortable. Days went by and my boyfriend was not happy about sitting on the floor every day.

I finally found Funky Sofa. I took a brief glance at their items and surprisingly found several sofas I really liked. Sleek and modern without looking pretentious, a good number of updated retro designs, looks that appealed to both me and my boyfriend. Simple but not boring, nothing too generic. Furniture that would make me want to invite my friends over all the time. I thought, no way these are within our budget, then I looked closely and was delighted to find that the prices were much lower than I expected. In local showrooms I had seen price tags for two, three thousand or more. Most of the sofas here are under $1000, with a great percentage under $750. Perfect! And there were several styles I liked, not just one. All of a sudden I felt the stress fall away.

Looking even closer, I found that most of these sofas are custom made. I had a choice of fabric type and color, pillow options, sofa depth and width sizes, leg options, some even can be made with speakers built in.  I could do all this while still remaining inside my budget, and I didn’t have two or three color options like in IKEA. Depending on the sofa design, I had four or five fabric type options with at least ten colors or patterns each. So I didn’t have to worry about any picture that I didn’t like just because of its color.

Because I loved so many of their sofa designs, I just had to look and see what else they carried. And let me tell you, their selection is far far bigger than you’d think based on first impressions. By delving deeper into their categories, I’ve found that I could pretty much furnish an entire house from this one site (all they’re missing are beds and dining tables). Definitely a place I will keep in mind when I finally win that lottery.

They have one showroom in southern California, which is not where I am but maybe one day they’ll be able to expand to multiple locations. That doesn’t stop them from supplying to locations across the country (their clientele includes famous resorts on the Las Vegas strip) and their shipping rates are reasonable (cheaper than IKEA if you’re local).

I am so happy I found this site, and can’t wait to see what they add to their selection in the future.


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