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Thinkgeek – The Original Geek Haven

I’m proud to call myself a geek. I take my video games very seriously. I love cute little gadgets. I want collectibles that no one else has. Thinkgeek is there for me. Thinkgeek was there for me when I was a teenager. I remember when Thinkgeek was one of the first online stores for geeks like me. I remember when they sold all of maybe ten things, including Bawls and binary blanket. They still have the Bawls, and although I don’t see the binary blanket anymore, they have one of the biggest collections of Portal and Star Wars goods. Everyone has a plastic lightsaber, but does everyone have a Darth Vader USB hub? How about a USB powered fish tank that also stores my pens? When the insane Optimus Maximus Keyboard came out, Thinkgeek had it. Now that our generation has grown up, they even have baby items. There’s nothing they can’t think of! They know exactly what their customers want, exactly what they need to add a little happiness in their lives. Thinkgeek is the haven for me, for all of us geeks.

One comment on “Thinkgeek – The Original Geek Haven

  1. mackubex1
    February 23, 2012

    Nice to have met a fellow connoisseur of all that is GEEK .. !!

    good website (thinkgeek) .. im already feeling a stir inside of me for those STAR TREK bathrobes…

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