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Baxter Boo Covers Your Dog from Head to Paw

Many of my friends are dog owners, from little chihuahuas to fierce American bulldogs. Some of them like to shower their dogs with cute little blankets and sparkly collars. Others like to take them out to forests or beaches and have a great big romp with them. Still others cannot bear to be separated from their loyal pals even to take a short trip to the store. Whatever their preference may be, there is no question of the level of devotion and love they show to their companions. Their dogs truly live up to the reputation of being named “man’s best friend”.

I can recommend Baxter Boo to every single one of my dog owner friends regardless of their interests or tastes. This is a site that sells every product to pamper your dog. It has the largest selection of dog clothes I’ve seen yet, from pretty to humorous to functional. I haven’t come across a bigger stash of collars. There are hundreds of dog toys that I never knew existed. There are dog beds and houses, treats and food bowls. This, my friends, is the gold mine of dog products.


Created by pet lovers for pet lovers, Baxter Boo knows no limits when it comes to finding merchandise. Even with over 15,000 products in stock, they are still open to product suggestions by customers, and welcome any sort of feedback. In fact, if you do make a suggestion and they decide to carry it, they will give you a discount for that product as a thank you.

At Baxter Boo, customer appreciation is shown in every way possible. Any order total above $49 receives free standard shipping within the continental US. They pay their own sales tax. That’s right, no matter where you live you will never be charged sales tax on your purchase. Their customer rewards program gives you back a percentage of the money you spend, so if you spend $1,000,000 you will receive a gift card for $100,000. Good to know. If you sign up for their bi-monthly newsletter, you have a chance to win a $100 gift card every month. There’s probably a great many other things I’ve overlooked or forgotten but a solid A rating at the Better Business Bureau shows that they are definitely doing things right.

They have a great selection of licensed sports dog gear from jerseys to dog bowls and beds, mostly NFL and MLB but it’s worth checking out the other sections to see if they have an item for your team.

For fellow business owners, they have a wholesale program with no minimum limit and its own dedicated staff.

It’s surprising to see that they even have room but they do have a cat section, although it is pint sized compared to the dog selection. I have faith, however, that before long this section will fill up and I can’t wait until they carry products for other animals as well. With how big they are now, it’s just a matter of time before they become a full pet supply store.

With such a large selection, what is most impressive about this site is that most of the products are non-generic and very unique. That being said, the prices are very reasonable and the no tax charge definitely helps a lot. Many of the products even have featured videos on the pages made by the company staff.

When looking to treat your loved ones to something truly special, the search must start here. If they don’t have it, there’s the handy suggestion box.

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