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Animeharu Has All of My Anime and Video Game Goods

Anime and video game collectibles make me think of high school economics class and Murphy’s Law at the same time. If I like it and want it, there will be no supply and demand will be high causing it to be the most expensive item out there. As a long-time anime and video game geek, this is rather torturous. Not only that, but I’m a sucker for chibi things, especially if they’re chibi version of tough and serious characters. Chibi Halo Master Chief? Yes, please!

I happened to see a Play Arts Kai figure of Lightning in the new Final Fantasy XIII-2 outfit as I was walking in a mall in my neighborhood. I immediately jumped at it, then saw the price tag. $79.95. I love Play Arts Kai figures, they’re large and detailed and very well made. But I know I can get one for cheaper.

So I looked it up and lo and behold, I found Animeharu. $43.44! I couldn’t help but look at what else they had. They sell everything anime: domestic and import DVD’s, manga, OSTs, and all sorts of merchandise. I could spend pages describing their selection, but it’s better to see it. And they really do have the best prices for everything, which explains why they go out of stock so fast. What’s nice is that they keep an eye out for upcoming goods and have a pre-ordering system on their site.

The following is my personal wishlist from the site. Beware, loads of anime and video game goods ahead!


Juri from Super Street Fighter IV - resin statue


Chibi Ryu from Death Note - keychain


Snake from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Play Arts Kai


Mass Effect 3: M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle Replica - 34" long!


Chibiterasu from Okami - plush


Saitou Hajime from Kenshin


Rei from Evangelion - earphones


Simon and Trevor from Castlevania - pins


Chibi figures from King of Fighters XIII - set of 12


Bayonetta - Play Arts Kai


Cortana from Halo 3 - statue


Mokona from xxxHolic - plush


Moogle - Final Fantasy XIV version - plush


Dizzy from Guilty Gear XX - 1/8 scale figure


Cloud from Final Fantasy VII with Hardy-Daytona motorcycle


Master Chief from Halo 3 - bobblehead


EVA Unit 01 from Evangelion - Kakusei Version


Chibi Ryu from Death Note - Nendoroid figure


Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Play Arts Kai


Rachel from BlazBlue - 1/6 scale figure


Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII - PVC statue


Halo - assorted Odd Pod figures


Balthier and Fran from Final Fantasy XII - from Square Enix's own Sculpture Arts collection


So uhh, all I need now is $2127.53! Not bad, right?

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