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Jellyfish Art Adds Graceful Beauty to Your Desk

Jellyfish have always had an entrancing effect on me. Their translucent bodies that seem to glow and their floaty and graceful movements relax me and I feel at peace whenever I watch them. I’ve always dreamed about having a tank of them at home but by no means are they a casual goldfish. They need a special tank, constantly circulating water, and specific lighting conditions in order to be able to thrive. Up until now this dream has been completely impractical.

Not too long ago there was news floating around on the internet about an amazing builder who was attempting to build a desktop jellyfish tank. He has finally done it and it is available to everyone. Everything I need from equipment to food is there at, even cleaner snails and hermit crabs to add to the tank’s environment. At last I can look at these beauties all day!

Some great jellyfish photos I found. Click on the image to go to the original source.


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