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My friend sends me neat photos of weird and interesting things that he finds online all the time. Images have been flying everywhere of chairs made out of street signs, insanely cute salt and pepper shakers, cufflinks made out of Scrabble tiles. I always wondered where people got such things, because I never come across them anywhere. Then I found, and realized where a lot of them came from, and found a host of others that are even more interesting

If only I had a mansion to hold them all! They have furniture, neat kitchen items, artwork, cute little desk accessories, jewelry, many of these items are from independent artists which make them truly unique to this site. And let me add that this is one of the easiest sites to browse I’ve come across. I was able to look at pretty much everything with the greatest of ease.

Onto my wish list!

Once again, I find myself wanting just about everything.


Whatever clock.

Phillips head earrings. I don't know why but I want these so badly.


Fire hose belt. Toughest belt you can find!


LED lit chess set. Each piece has an LED light but the batteries only reside in the chess board.


Desktop dogs. So cute!


This clock runs away when the alarm goes off. Perfect for me who can't wake up in the morning.


Make a ping pong table anywhere!


Another very cute set of items, footed creamer and sugar bowls. Reminds me of the movie Beauty and the Beast.


Mugs with a cute little surprise inside.


Silicone splash bowl. Would be neat if they had it in different colors or matching items.


Gorgeous on their own and functional. 8 bowls nest together to form a lotus.


Cute and sexy. Little black dress flower vase.


Couldn't resist this. Cat ear crocheted headphones.


Table made from film reels.


Cute skiing robot sculpture.


Never lose your keys again with the seat belt buckle key holder.


My favorite out of this entire list. A chair made out of pedestrian walking signs, with functional lights!


Perfect for my boyfriend, who is a huge hockey fan.


Color blind clock!

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