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Daily Online Shopping Experiences Has My Mad Men Fashion

Only three weeks till the new season of Mad Men premieres and I can’t wait! Me and my friends are celebrating with a Mad Men marathon watching all that day until the two-hour special is aired, and we all agreed that we can’t have a Mad Men party without looking as gorgeous as the women do on that show. Christina Hendricks has been my favorite female celebrity ever since that show began, I love her as Joan and her embodiment of such an intelligent and beautiful woman. I’m so glad that the show has brought back the old glamorous fashion trend, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s classic Hollywood look, the look that focuses on feeling the sexiest and celebrating the wonderful hourglass figure.

I know I can’t look nearly as voluptuous as Christina, but I do love her clothes and fashion that accentuates the hourglass shapes which is flattering for everyone regardless of size. I love the allure of a simple pencil skirt and sky high heels that never gets old. Banana Republic recently released their Mad Men Collection but I don’t know, it just doesn’t scream “sexy” to me.

Luckily a friend of mine introduced me to which was everything I asked for. Focusing on fashion from 40’s to 60’s, they are entirely focused on making every woman feel absolutely sexy in that classic way.

They have outfits from cute and pretty to smoking hot, elegant to rockabilly. They have dresses, separates, underwear and outerwear, accessories, everything! Gorgeous pictures of models of all sizes (from XS to 2X, representing every form of woman).


Created by brilliant clothing designer and photographer Laura Byrnes, has been providing sexy attire to women of all sizes since 1999. Her clothes truly uphold the fact that any woman can look and feel beautiful regardless of body shape or size. Even the website layout supports her view, where you can browse for clothes suited to your body shape. Her models also vary from slender to full-figured, every single one looking just as gorgeous as the next.

For clothes that look so glamorous, they are surprisingly affordable. A woman can easily add to her current collection or begin to give her wardrobe a makeover, as Laura is constantly coming out with new designs. In fact, many of her outfits sell out fast, so I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on her stock.

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