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Who Else is Getting Street Fighter x Tekken Tonight?

Tonight’s a big big night for countless gamers. With Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken releasing at midnight, the fans are going to line up for miles. My soft spot is for fighting games, and I’m not lying to you when I say I pre-ordered Street Fighter x Tekken Collectors Edition for both Xbox AND PS3. That’s right, both so that I can have the achievements as well as the extra characters. Like I’ve said before, I’m proud to be such a geek.

I was actually playing Street Fighter Third Strike last night when it occurred to me that there were so many characters created for the series that never lasted beyond one game. This is saddening as I would have loved to play as Twelve in Super Street Fighter IV. I know he wasn’t popular at all, but I can’t get enough of his cute shape shifting moves, or when he flies away as a victory pose. Ken, Ryu, and Chun Li get the spotlight all the time but there are other characters that deserve plenty of attention.

So I began to look through the Street Fighter Wiki to see what other characters there were that never survived their introduction. I definitely haven’t played every game in the series so there were many I didn’t recognize, and I wish I knew them. Makes me want to hunt down every edition (yes, even the really horrible ones) just to try them out. I wonder who will stand up and claim that they’ve used them all.

This is definitely not a complete list by any means, some are those I vaguely remember, a couple like Twelve that I actually liked using and was sad to see them disappear, others that I didn’t recognize at all.


Remy from Street Fighter III 3rd Strike


There are rumors about this guy’s connection with the King of Fighters series. Wiki states that he was inspired by Iori, while I’ve heard that he was actually inspiration for Ash, who’s more or less the main character in the latest King of Fighters XIII. Both arguments have valid points, but I want to say that his moves are more like Ash, especially with his projectile, and his sprite and clothes remind me more of Ash than Iori. But then again maybe both rumors are true. Ash and Iori are both fine characters.

Remy was actually quite fun to play as and not too difficult once I got used to charge moves. As a Guile replacement for the game, he was fine. Maybe the fans demanded Guile back so much that they had to dump this character.




Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter Alpha 3


I want to say I’ve seen artwork of her before but I don’t remember her actually in the game. Looks like they tried to combine cute with sexy and… didn’t do so well. She’s a blonde Japanese girl who is a pro wrestler yet focuses on speed and agility? Confusion!





Geki from the original Street Fighter


I don’t remember this guy at all! But one can easily see that both Vega and Ibuki were spawned off of his design. It’s too bad that he never made it past the first game, I actually think he looks pretty cool. I wonder if his moves were a hybrid of current Vega and Ibuki’s, that would be interesting to see if I ever find a copy of the original game.







Q from Street Fighter III 3rd Strike


I can actually understand why Q was not chosen to stay in the series past the first game he was in. He had a very vague backstory, and was incredibly difficult to use in my opinion. One advantage he did have, however, was that his taunts would raise his total health, and I believe you can do this three times per round. I definitely took advantage of those boosts whenever I could.







Area from Street Fighter EX2 Plus


Looking kind of like a female rendition of Mega Man, she is another odd mix of traits, with small size and youth but a huge rocket launcher on her arm. By her description I can’t tell if she’s a fast and low damage character or a slow and powerful one. Granted I don’t know too many people who actually prefer to play the EX games, so maybe I’ll find a Youtube video of her to satisfy my curiosity.






Twelve from Street Fighter III 3rd Strike


Twelve received a lot of hatred from Street Fighter players, but I personally love his character design and find it very unfortunate that the developers gave him such weak moves. I like shape shifters in general and I find his little noises somehow cute. His biggest advantage is that his moves increase his EX gauge even when they don’t hit anyone, so it was great to fly in, poke, fly away, then spam random movements that made you seem busier than you were. I love confusion tactic characters, which shape shifters often are, and Twelve was definitely a good one. If he was a bit more powerful with better hitting Supers, I think he could have survived well beyond his one and only game.




Sharon from Street Fighter EX2


I love her look and it’s too bad I couldn’t find much information about her other than that she was in another EX game. Another one for the Youtube search.









Retsu from the original Street Fighter


This character has an interesting history in that he actually plays an important role in the overall story for the series but never made it past the first game as a playable character. Maybe he wasn’t pretty enough? It looks like they transferred his moves over to Makoto instead but it would be nice to see the guy who started it all play in the game again.







And there you have it, some examples of Street Fighter characters that have been forgotten, lost or otherwise. Likewise I miss Jun and Kunimitsu from Tekken. I can’t wait until I have my hands on the new game, and will be anxiously waiting for the DLC characters.

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