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ION Audio Has the Perfect iPad/iPhone Accessories for All My Retro Entertainment

Only 18 days till the Mad Men premiere and my friend’s big party and I have so much to prepare! Now that my outfit is taken care of, I must look to more technical things. My friend has designated me as the official music person as she knows that my parents have a great stash of Beatles LP’s, but none of us have the mechanical means to play them!

ION Audio has the amazing solution: unbelievably compact portable LP player that also converts the songs to mp3’s! I just had to see what else they had and found out that they are devoted to making the old formats compatible with the new. Cassette tape players and converters, LP players and converters, scanners that convert negative film to .jpg, all for a much lower price than you would think for such high-tech gadgets.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of their product pictures getting flooded all over the internet, but they have certainly been recognized by the industry, netting them a CES Innovations Design & Engineering Showcase Honors 2012 award back in January. I can’t wait to see one of these products first hand.


My must-have for the upcoming Mad Men party: the LP 2 GO. No more clunky, heavy, enormous turntables! I can even fit this thing into my tote bag! I can plug it in anywhere using a USB cable, or just use batteries for the ultimate portability. It even has an adapter for 45’s, so I can essentially listen to any record. On top of that, it has its own speaker or I can use the headphone jack for audio out or headphones. It comes with software to allow me to convert the songs to mp3’s if I want to, but honestly this thing is so cute on its own I don’t know how I can come up with an excuse to not use it. All my music problems for the Mad Men party is solved with this simple little thing, and I can’t wait to show all my friends this great little piece of technology.


I remember a great number of albums that got released on cassette tape that never got transferred to CD’s. These albums are now impossible to find, but I’ve managed to keep them just in case a gadget like this would appear. This is the TAPE EXPRESS +, which is a portable tape player that also hooks up to your computer to convert all those songs instantly to mp3’s. The player itself is so compact that I can just take it with me anywhere and listen to the tapes directly with the headphone jack, which can also be used for audio out. I can finally condense my cassette music collection and ensure that I will never lose the precious music!


Combine the two conveniences above together and you have the DUO DECK. A portable LP and cassette player, this thing is ready for anything. And they have still managed to make it stay amazingly compact. Just like the others, it lets me hook up headphones or speakers to it or just use its own speaker, and hook it up to my laptop for mp3 conversion. Maybe this one won’t be for my tote bag, but it would take up very little room on my desk or nightstand or shelf. It’s certainly not a hassle to carry it outside of my own home, but not as conveniently portable as the other two.


The gadget that won the CES award this year, the PIANO APPRENTICE. It has a dock for your iPad which is then used to help you learn piano on the cute little keyboard. Perfect for kids, the app that it comes with actually tutors your way through and you can watch your tutor’s hands as you play. The keys that you need to hit light up to guide you, and everything is so seamlessly integrated. Operates on batteries so that you can take it anywhere with you, and the compact size makes it easy to travel with.


For those who want to rock out as they play GarageBand on their iPad, or find an easy way to teach themselves how to play guitar, they’ve come up with the ALL-STAR GUITAR which transforms your iPad into an electric guitar. The iPad nestles into the pinned dock, and the app to go with it can engage the guide lights to help you learn. You can strum, pluck, distort, pretty much anything that an electrical guitar can do, without having to disturb anyone with the noise with the handy headphone jack. It works with the GarageBand app so that you can truly immerse yourself into the game, as well as many other apps for the iPad.


For those who’d rather not play but sing, they have the KARAOKE PRO. I love how cute that speaker is! Simply put the iPad in the cradle, start the app, and you’re good to go. It comes with its own microphone, and you can even use it as an amplifier for your musical instruments. The base has wheels so that you can easily take it anywhere. What a great small thing for any house party! I must ask my friend if this is something else she’d like for her Mad Men marathon event.


Their compact design knows no limits. This is iDJ 2 GO, which turns your iPad into a really cute DJ set. Great for anybody who wants an introduction to professional DJ equipment, this simplified two-deck turntable system has everything laid out just as a real set does, with a cross fader and audio effect controls. If I want to, I can convert all my parents’ LP’s into mp3’s then use this handy thing to mix the songs in my own special way at my friend’s Mad Men party! Something else to think about and discuss with the party host. It can be used with iPad, iPhone, or iPod, and it directly hooks up to them so it needs no batteries. Perfect to give any house party a club vibe.


I couldn’t resist looking at this, as a big video game nerd that I am. The iCade turns your iPad into an Atari arcade machine, with apps of the classic Atari games available right at the marketplace. It’s such a cute replica, it even has a miniature coin slot! I know I’m being selfish but I must have this.

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