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CasaBento Makes My Day Full of “Aww”

I know I’ve been obsessed with Mad Men lately, but this site is just too cute to pass up. I dearly remember little lunch boxes as a kid, and lunch times were spent fawning over a fellow classmate who had just gotten the prettiest box. As a kid, I remember liking the food more if it looked prettier, and the box itself was pretty. How silly I was! But I do remember that, begging my mom to arrange the food prettier than my friends’, proudly showing off a new pretty lunch box. Maybe it’s a girl thing, I don’t know, but my mom definitely took advantage of it and would feed me vegetables cut into shapes of little hearts. I remember insisting to go to this one restaurant all the time because they’d serve me food on a plate shaped like a cute airplane. Whatever it was, if it was on that plate I’d eat it!

This site makes food look so cute and pretty in ways I never knew was possible. As an adult, I can’t help but think they’re almost too pretty to eat but I can imagine myself as a kid loving every bite and asking for seconds and thirds. CasaBento sells Japanese bento boxes and all sorts of neat tools to make bento, essentially Japanese lunch. But all of these items can be used for any type of food, with seemingly limitless possibilities. As I browsed through this site my head was constantly shouting out “oh my god!” and “aww”, and I couldn’t help but look at everything they had.

They have bento boxes for kids as well as adults, modern and minimal, traditional, Hello Kitty, and so much more. Some of them are so cute I wouldn’t even mind showing them off at work, buy any number of them as gifts for all my friends with children. It even makes me want to make cute food for myself. What if I made my boyfriend a lunch of nothing but little heart sandwiches?

Site is originally in French, so if you open any of my links and you see the French site, you can change the language setting to English on the top right hand corner of any page.


Hello Kitty ball bento box! I know there are a million Hello Kitty products, but I’ve never seen this one. Two food compartments, an adorable lid, and its own carrying bag. Their Hello Kitty collection is full of such things I did not know existed, from an ice cream maker to a microwave pasta cooker to an ice pack to keep your lunch cool.


These cute animal cups keep parts of the food separate as well as working as sauce holders. I love how the ears of the pig and panda function as lid handles.


Panda picks to hold your cute edible morsels together as well as used as mini utensils to pick up your food.



A pet for your fridge, the Fridgeezoo is a tiny milk carton-shaped animal that says hello to you when you open the fridge door, and whine if you leave it open for too long. The site offers them in six adorable types: penguin (right), polar bear, walrus, tiger, squirrel, and cow.






These sandwich cutters turn any sandwich into bite-sized mini hearts! I actually want this for myself, it would make amazing party snacks.


They’re called rice molds but I have a feeling they can be used for a variety of things, bite sized mashed potatoes for instance. Another thing I’d love to have to serve cute finger foods at house gatherings. There are many such molds on this site, the above is a set of two of the star and little chick shape.



Now I’m really curious to see how this works. An egg mold that creates charming cylinders of hard boiled eggs with the yolk in different shapes! I can just picture a tray full of slices of these pretty eggs in an array.








I love how sleek this looks while still retaining some cuteness. Something that I can take to work full of those mini heart sandwiches.









How cool would it be to have a cute samurai as your lunch box? He may be cute, but he is fully capable of storing a good meal, with above 21 oz. capacity. He is part of an adorable collection called Kokeshi which features several other characters.






This is what I would have loved to see as a kid. Tulip garden sausage mold set and Winnie the Pooh vegetable cutter set.


What’s really neat about that site is that they ship worldwide but they pay for all duty fees. All prices on the product page is tax included, so the only other thing you pay for is their shipping rate. Thanks to them, my head is full of ideas for the next time I cook.


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