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Vintage Seekers Has My 1900’s Collectibles Covered

I can’t believe how Mad Men has gotten me so obsessed with everything vintage! It’s hard for me to even think about how 1990 was 22 years ago. It makes me laugh to think that a beanie baby is going to be a vintage collectible very soon.

I have various friends who have shown me collectibles here and there in pristine conditions, proudly telling me how it’s however many decades old, first edition, etc. and of course the related story of how they managed to obtain it (bought, given, inheritance). I have many items in vintage style, but nothing truly collectible. Sure, I could look on eBay, but that takes all day to scroll past everything that I’m NOT looking for, then hunt for the best price, and then see if the seller is even trustworthy, which I will never exactly know until the item arrives! (Or not, sometimes they never appear.)

A friend of mine who loves to collect vintage fashion items pointed me towards Vintage Seekers, a site completely devoted to nothing but the best vintage items in the best conditions. They hunt for items worldwide, and judge the items themselves in person to gauge quality, and then feature it on their site for buyers. 1950’s Rolex watch, anyone? Or how about 1960’s Yves Saint Laurent jacket? They have fine collectibles in all categories, from fashion to books to autographs to furniture to even cars!

As usual, if you’re interested in anything you see, just click on the photo!


1960's original Playboy Bunny costume


1930's silk evening gown. I love how fluid this is.


1940's dress by Dorothy O'Hara


1920's flapper dress


1930's silk chiffon dress


1970's Givenchy Haute Couture coat


1980's Alaia jacket


1970's John Bates for Jean Varon dress


1960's Christian Dior button dress


1940's Lilli Ann jacket. I'd wear this every day.


1973 Rolex Daytona 6265


1972 Lamborghini Miura. One of my favorite cars ever. Although I must say my favorite year is '67, BUT, this is the SV model which is as collectible as it gets, but I do miss the eyelashes.


1950's magazine cut out signed by Marilyn Monroe. She looks so young!


1960's martial arts booklet signed by Bruce Lee himself! How cool is this?!


1962 1st UK Edition of Catch 22


1970's Salvador Dali lithograph "Le Cheval de Course"


Each item has a detailed description of the item’s condition, as well as a bit of history. All existing blemishes are noted, even if they aren’t noticeable. I also love their “Seeker” service. If you want to find something and they don’t have it, they’ll hunt it down for you! Now I know exactly who to write when I have enough money to look for the Salvador Dali etching I saw 5 years ago that I swear disappeared off the face of the earth.





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