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Street Fighter x Tekken Free DLC tomorrow for Pac Man and Mega Man

The official Capcom blog announced that Pac Man and Mega Man, PS3 exclusive bonus characters, will be available as a free DLC tomorrow on PSN. There’s no mention of Xbox DLC yet, although rumors are floating around that Microsoft enacted a new rule that all games released for both systems must contain equal content, a reaction to Mortal Kombat’s release of Kratos as a PS3 exclusive character. What with the DLC fiasco that’s been all the talk lately, everyone’s now questioning Capcom’s future action for the remaining 12 DLC characters, all of which have already been confirmed.

I can’t think of Street Fighter without cosplayers, and it’s been a long time since I posted any good cosplay pictures. Enjoy!

None of the pictures are mine, please click on them to go to the place I found them.


The forever immortal baby Chun Li










Hilariously accurate E. Honda


Cammy and Akuma




Dan Hibiki


Fei Long


Sakura and Akuma






C. Viper


C. Viper




...and my favorite pic of the day: Juri

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