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Nasty Gal Has Me Going Shoe Crazy

Ok, I have my Mad Men party dress all figured out thanks to Pin Up Girl Clothing, now what on earth do I put on my feet? New dress demands new shoes!

The party hostess told me I just had to check out NastyGal, where they have some truly unique looking shoes that somehow cost very little but are made of quality materials like leather and suede! And my, there are so many shoes here, and they all look so wild! Some of these I can even imagine Lady Gaga wearing, they’re that special, like a pair of platforms with the heel covered in nail heads. And yet they don’t turn me off as much as some VERY weird shoes I’ve come across. These all look plenty sexy and even though most of them are quite tall, the platforms make them plenty comfortable.

I only shop for shoes once in a while, but when I do I go crazy!

Clicky on pics!


Kelsey platform wedge in camel


Shoop platform. I normally don't like pink but this is too cute, and the pink is not blindingly bright.


Corleone platform in red suede


Roxie platform in black leather


Bette platform wedge with a great retro style crochet pattern


Lorissa spike pump in black suede. Bad girl meets class.


Lita platform boot in purple feather


Corset platform in cobalt suede. I find this so hot!


Audrey platform wedge in blush patent leather


Rock Star platform in all leather


See Stars boot in black leather


Larena platform in all suede


Cassandra platform wedge in wine


Pusher platform


Caylin platform boot in green leather


Who remembers the Spice Girls?? Spicy platform boot.


Zoomie platform wedge in fuchsia suede. They look incredibly comfortable, probably a lot more than they actually are.


Saure corset platform. I'm a sucker for anything corset style. I'd love to wear these under a wide legged classy pants or even jeans at work knowing that I'm wearing something ultra sexy underneath that no one suspects.

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    March 12, 2012

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