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Photojojo turns My iPhone into a DSLR Camera

I cannot, cannot show up to a cosplay event without some way to take pictures, and I cannot allow myself to go to this Mad Men party without some way to take high quality pictures. With everyone dressed up so glam, it would be a shame to have a collection of blurry photos from my iPhone at the end of the night. No good!

I love DSLR cameras, but I can’t afford one anytime soon. All I have is my iPhone! And wouldn’t you know it, there’s already a solution for people like me. Photojojo makes lens adapters for iPhones for different purposes and effects. Pricing isn’t bad at all, either.

As always, click on the picture to go to the product page!


Bottle cap tripod. Turn any plastic bottle into a tripod for your camera!


Chalkboard speech bubble. Cute simple prop to pose with.


Dreamy Diana lens. A lens for SLR's that has a soft focus with low saturation, creating wonderfully dream-like photos with a neatly distinct retro feel.


Level camera cube. Never shoot an off-balance picture again!


Camera table dolly. May your home videos never shake.


Lenses for your iPhone. Fisheye, macro/wide angle, and telephoto lens options.


A DSLR coin bank! Looks just like the real thing but it jingles full of coins!


Fuzzy Wuzzy camera case


Holga iPhone lens. 9 different lenses and filters for your iPhone camera on one rotate-able wheel.


The Dot iPhone panorama lens. Take complete 360 degree interactive videos with one lens. Insanely cool.


iPhone SLR mount. Unbelievable, but I can now turn my iPhone pretty much into a completely functional SLR camera with this adapter at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.


Lens shot glass. Tiny ceramic replicas of SLR lenses.


I know, I'm a sucker for miniatures. This thing is just too cute. 1/6 miniature camera model with 3 detachable lenses.

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