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InkDish Turns My Dining Room into an Art Collection

The Mad Men party host asked me for some advice on the appropriate dinnerware for her upcoming event, and I put my foot down and told her that plain plates just won’t do. With pretty outfits, pretty decor, pretty food, it would be a shame to overlook plates and bowls. She then of course retorted with a demand for me to back up my accusations, and I realized that the task was a bit more difficult than I initially thought. How do I obtain beautiful ceramics without spending hundreds of dollars per set?

I found my answer at Ink Dish, where they sell beautiful porcelain dinnerware designed by today’s cutting edge artists of various backgrounds, including celebrity tattoo artist Paul Timman. The results are one-of-a-kind works of art that’s good enough to frame, but affordable and best of all, dishwasher and microwave safe!

These plates and bowls have caught the eye of many retailers, and they’ve already been commissioned to design for Macy’s, Mikasa, Oneida, and several others to bring an artistic touch to your dining room. I can’t wait to see how these look in person.


Cherry Ink side plate by Paul Timman


December mug by Alyson Fox


December side plate by Alyson Fox

December serving bowl by Alyson Fox


Irezumi mug by Paul Timman


Irezumi side plate by Paul Timman


Kites dinnerware set by Dana Oldfather


May dinnerware set by Alyson Fox


Poem side plate by David Palmer


Tattoo Lotus side plate by Paul Timman


Tribal Lines dinnerware set by Paul Timman


Tug mug by Alyson Fox

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