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HomeWetBar Has My Mad Men Party Set

I love a full bar at any party, and I know that my Mad Men party host feels the same. She is insisting that everybody there should be able to have whatever drink they could imagine, and wants every tool available to make that happen.

In comes HomeWetBar, which has pretty much everything for the home bar from glasses to the bar itself. I’ve actually never encountered a site that has so many different bar related goods in one place. They have a selection arranging from practical to novelty gifts. It was very fun to look through, and I already have some future gift ideas for some of my friends, even those who don’t drink much.


Gas Can Flask. I can never hear the phrase "rocket fuel" again without thinking of this.


Checkmate Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers


16th Century Italian Replica Globe Bar. I find this gorgeous. Lid closes to form a complete globe.


Flip Flop Island Coasters. So cute!


Chalkboard Coasters


Coffee mug with a brass knuckle handle. Want!!


Don't Break the Liquor Bottle Puzzle Game. Make it a challenge to open almost any bottle.


Mini Champagne Shot Glass


Roller Rock Glass. Designed to cool your whiskey faster and allow the ice to melt slower.


Gas Pump Retro Liquor Dispenser


Golf Club Kooler Klub. Take your drink with you on the golf course!


iPhone 4 Case Bottle Opener


It's a cocktail shaker that looks like a medicine prescription bottle!


Billiards Shot Glass Set


Toilet Coffee Mug



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