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If I were Christina Hendricks, where would I go bra shopping?

Surely it seems like quite a challenge, when I think about it. And I know she’s not alone. Myself and my girlfriends absolutely hate bra shopping as none of us fit within the 32-36 band size, A-D cup range. Most of the time we’re forced to buy something that’s “close enough”, but it doesn’t make sense that we must always settle for something that makes our body look and feel like it’s not ours. Not to mention we’re constantly uncomfortable.

Bare Necessities makes all of our bra woes float away, they have a selection that ranges from 28-56 band sizes, and AA-L cups.  They have a huge selection of brands and styles, and everything to wear underneath to ensure that you look your best including shapewear and hosiery. When I wear my new dress to the Mad Men party, I want to look my absolute best!

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