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Cancer-Free Smoking? Sign Me Up!

Is it just me or has Mad Men made smoking look sexy again? They all smoke constantly! I have some friends who smoke but they’re all trying to quit… unsuccessfully. We all know just how bad smoking is for your body, but that addiction is far too deep for them to stop smoking without horribly painful side effects.

When e-cigarettes first came out, we were all skeptical. But now that they’ve been out for some years and technology has improved, they really can be complete cigarette substitutes. Because there is nothing actually burning, we don’t inhale any harmful chemicals, just pure nicotine, which by itself doesn’t cause any harm.

What I didn’t know about e-cigarettes until I actually started shopping around for my friends, is that they’re available with varying levels of nicotine, so that you can slowly wean yourself off and eventually just quit smoking altogether. They have cartridges from full strength levels to absolute zero, in very nice gradual increments which is far better than patches or gums.

All my smoking friends agree, epuffer has the best prices and the best products, with incredibly fast shipping. They have starter kits, replacement parts, everything you need. I never knew there were such things as e-cigars and e-pipes! What a great way to be able to keep smoking as you want to without harming yourself or anybody else around you.

So my friends can all relax at the Mad Men party and smoke as much as they want, all indoors just like the Mad Men characters, feel just as good and sexy, and help themselves at the same time.

All pictures today from Mad Men! I can’t wait till this Sunday!!

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