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Clutter! So much clutter! As I prepare more and more for the Day of Mad Men-ness I realize that the way I’ve lived is so far detached from clean suits, pressed ties, elegant and simple decor.

I walked into my bathroom and almost fired myself from my apartment. Toothbrush in a mug, soap bar just sitting on the counter, shampoo bottles strewn along the edge of the bathtub like some kind of Neanderthal.

Well the Internet’s always here to help, and it didn’t take long for me to find Vipp. Their site is laid out just like the kitchen and bathroom hardware they sell – classy, simple, elegant. None of the frazzled madness that surrounds us these days. Trust the Danes to give us powerful design and unparalleled function. The entire company was founded on one trash bin! Tell me that isn’t just the epitome of graceful simplicity. I bet Don Draper throws his used cigarette butts in a Vipp bin.

Pedal Bin. The piece that started it all.

Mini Table. This is what I'm talking about, elegance and function.


Towels. Keeping it right. No frills, just beautiful.

Soap Dish

Towel Rack. Love the indented and textured top.

Shower Shelf. Because showering is about keeping it clean, right? Including the design.

Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Wall-mounted Soap Dispensers. Black, chrome, white, who needs more?

Dishwashing Scrub Brush

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