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Animal Magnetism, Stuffed

Mad Men has me thinking about deer. Stay with me here: I have a tendency to let my mind wander and start anthropomorphizing people. That is, imagining what kind of animals they would be and why. Looking forward to Sunday has me pondering what wild beasts would relate best to the cast of Mad Men.

With Don I’m having a crisis of cats. Tiger or lion? Both powerful, commanding, but one’s a dedicated loner while the other is the leader of a pride. I see both sides in him at different times and just can’t decide. With Peggy I can’t seem to see anything but a wide-eyed doe with Pete as the wolf on the hunt. And Joan? Fox, obviously.

It makes me want to bring along stuffed versions of all these creatures to the party and set up some kind of “Wild Kingdom of Mad Men” in a corner. A big stuffed lion sitting in an office chair, how cute would that be? I’m browsing and love the selection of animals they offer. I could cast the whole show from here! Best of all, it’s obvious the site is run by folks who truly love and care for animals and are passionate about sharing that love with others. Makes me feel a bit like their animals – all soft and fuzzy inside.

12" Thumper Bunny Rabbit

10" Breathing Polar Bear. The 'breathing' animals are fascinating and adorable.

15" Great White Shark or Ms. Harris, as I like to call her.

10" Mini Plush Orca

12" Black Bear Cuddlekins

12" Cuddlekins Panda Baby

12" Bengal Tiger with baby cub

15" Sitting Plush Lion. King of the Concrete Jungle.

12" CK Plush Flamingo

12" Cuddlekins Octopus

12" Kit Fox

16" Butter Bear

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