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What a night! Everyone dressed to the nines, decor pulled right from Don Draper’s apartment, and the man himself with the whole gang back in our TV-watching lives. I’m absolutely spent. Now I just want to throw on a giant t-shirt and cuddle up in bed for some time away from the hustle and bustle of pretend-1960’s. We’re back in the present now, folks, and looking out at a great big world of possibilities!

But first, hey, t-shirts, right? Believe me, after weeks of obsessing over daring dresses, perfect pumps, and meticulously manicured nails, the thought of slapping on a great graphic-tee has become ever so appealing. For this I turn to genius designer Glennz. Dozens and dozens of t-shirts to choose from, each one with an insanely clever design from the mind of this mad-New-Zealander. His “Anger Management” tee is at the top of my list of brilliant shirts that I want to take out into the world with my most casual of casual jeans and a cushy pair of sneakers. When I can make someone smile with my clothes, I always feel I’ve done some good.

Anger Management. You simply can't hate forever. This is the first step.

Empty Cartridge. Does this means there are laser-squids too?


Full Body Cast. Boy, I hope he had insurance to pay for all that.

Melting Baby Tee. So your child will know exactly how to really solve that cube.

Scorched. Oh that's just the worst when that happens

Slinky Heaven. Eternal slinkage!

Big Mistake

Care Beers. Have enough of these and you'll believe there's magic in your belly too!

Cherry Topiary

Water Bomb Squad. Always cut the green wire.

Direct Line. The only two people you should ever need to contact.

Wild Gummi. Remember to keep your gummi worms up in a tree.

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