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You know, when I think about it, my relationship to my furniture is SO much more intimate than some of the ‘people-relationships’ I have in my life. I mean, how much time do I spend in direct physical contact with my couch? My bed? How much do I rely on the desk where I do my work and the cabinets that hold my most prized possessions? We’re talking serious responsibilities laid upon these inanimate objects! So it makes sense that I should be just as picky and discerning about my new dining room table as I am about a new partner in my life. I mean, I can already say that I want both to have pretty sturdy legs, right?

Room Service knows what I’m talking about. Every one of their designs seems meticulously catered to those buyers who want to know that a ridiculous amount of thought, care, and attention went into every phase of the construction of their new ottoman or headboard or wallpaper. Their designs cover the ultra-modern to the retro-chic so you know that wherever your tastes reside, chances are they got you covered. I especially love their use of pop culture icons – tasteful and specific, it never feels like cheap pandering to a fanbase.

Loft Dining Table

Icon Regency Chair - Bridgette Bardot

Womb Style Chair and Ottoman

Cowhide Octagon Dining Chair

Pod Chair

Jack Nicholson Original Artwork

Beverly Hills Pendent Light

St. Tropez Bed

Handgun Table Lamp

Black & White Balloon Chair

Outdoor Rattan Swing Chair

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