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A Soda to Call My Own

More than ever, I think, we’re living in a world where we’re just smothered in choices. I sometimes literally stand in front of the yogurt section at the grocery store for 15 minutes deciding between brands, flavors, calorie-counts, fruit, Greek, granola and on and on and on. But don’t get me wrong, I love it! I wouldn’t have it any other way. The last thing I want is to go to the store and find a fridge full of the same yogurt cup. Choice is what makes shopping fun, it’s what makes LIFE fun!

So why not take it to the next logical step? Instead of just having the choice between products that other people working in big companies create, why not create the products ourselves? Cater what we buy to exactly what we want based on our own instructions. The folks over at uFlavor have exactly that in mind when it comes to soda. They want the experience we have with our fizzy drinks to be unique to us which is why they’re creating a system where anyone can mix together all kinds of different flavors to create their very own sodas. They’re running a contest right now asking folks to submit their ideas for great soda flavors, the top 10 of whom will receive early access to the flavor creator before it’s made available to the general public. I’m thinking a chocolate-strawberry mix with a dash of vanilla cream. Call it the “Fraises Fondue.” C’est savoureux, non?

Sample Pack. Get a taste of creativity!

Zaarly Pop (Sample Pack)

Foundry Group Mad Men Juice. Would have been perfect last Sunday!

Boutique Clementine Soda (Sample Pack)

Black & Blueberry Soda

Giraffe Soda. Hopefully it isn't indicative of the flavor.

Athletes Performance Soda. Does it have bubbles without gravity?

Melted Brownie Soda. Would Mr. Paws here drink it?

Nicole Sky Soda

Radio Free Dishnuts Soda. Okay, yeah, I have no idea either.

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