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So all the Mad Men premiere preparations last week got me thinking about the Superbowl since that’s the only other televised event that my friends always get excited about. Me? Well, I’m usually paying more attention to Gisele’s outfit in the stands than I am to what her hubby Mr. Brady is doing on the field. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports, all kinds of sports. Promoting healthy activity, cooperation, fresh air, all amazing things. But when it comes to following professional leagues, I dunno, I leave that madness to my friends who have a real passion for it. I mean, they always end up telling me something about it anyway, so I never feel like I’ll be left out at sea when I meet people who want to talk about football or baseball or whatever.

And that’s so key, isn’t it? Having trustworthy, knowledgeable people around you who can help guide you through a subject that you could easily get lost in., selling all kinds of signed balls, jerseys, pictures etc… has such a great understanding of this. I was searching for a gift for one of my more rabid hockey-fan friends and the site’s staff, through their online chat feature, led me through step-by-step to ensure that I knew what I was buying. The site also has a guarantee of authenticity on all the items they sell, promising that if any item you buy is found to be  fake you’ll get your money back. For someone like me, who was grasping in the dark to find something special, they made the whole journey painless. I may not know the man whose name it is on the thing I bought, but thanks to Sportsmemorabilia I know that I made the right decision in buying it.

Photograph - Jeremy Lin

Baseball - Babe Ruth

Hockey Jersey - Wayne Gretzky

Photograph - Tom Brady

Football - Joe Montana

Photograph - Alex Rodriguez

Football Jersey - Brett Favre

Hockey Puck - Mario Lemieux

Football Jersey - Drew Brees

Photograph - Ichiro Suzuki

Basketball - Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman

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