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My closet yearns. It aches. It cries out for sustenance like a desperately lost desert wanderer cries out for water. Desire metaphors aside there’s no denying the ever-so reliable and ever-so alluring call of pure, unadulterated shoe-lust. Now, generally speaking I’ve been put off by the cliche that shoe shopping’s become through the “Sex and the City”s of this world, turning it into some kind of horrifying, crippling fetish that all women suffer from on a daily basis. Some people like gadgets, some people like video games, I have to imagine some people like those little tables they put in the middle of pizza boxes, and it just happens to be that some women like shoes. Okay, really like shoes. In so many ways they’re the pivot around which an entire outfit rotates and once in a while I want’em, that’s the long and the short of it.

Still, it doesn’t mean I’ll take any clog thrown my way. I want them delivered to me with style, panache, and even humor which is exactly what is providing. Head honcho John Fluevog is designing fun, funky, beautiful shoes. I’m sorting through pages and pages of them holding hundreds of different and unique designs, each one on a limited run of production so that you know when you buy them you’ll be one of only a select few to have a pair. I can’t wait to step into one of their retail locations and get my feet into some of their leather. I’m completely won over by the lighthearted perspective they take, evident in the design of their site and the genuinely funny stories they tell in recounting how their company came to be. My closet wants their wares and who am I to deny it?

"Faith" - Jericho

"Truth Pilgrim" - Red

"Munsters Gwynne" - Black Patent

"MIracle Medugorje" - Orange Patent

"Memories Treasury" - Pale Pink

"Rules Chatelet" - Green

"Memories Keepsake" - Black

"Gateway Brandenburg" - Orange

"Arc Halfmoon" - Black

"Miracles Platform" - White

"Daily Miracles" - Floral

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