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Am I the only one coming down with a severe case of template-fatigue? Don’t get me wrong, I love the hard-working programmers, artists, and builders who put together the wonderful catch-all designs that make everyday life easier for all of us. I mean, I could never program a full, editable website or mold a cellphone case, that’s for sure, so I’m thankful to have an easy-to-use platform that someone else has slaved over to make pretty and functional. But there always comes a time when I look at my phone or my water bottle or my cutlery and think “What if there were just a splash of pink here, or a racing stripe there, or how about just a giant Domo-kun right in the middle!” Sure, some company somewhere will maybe make something that’s kinda, sorta, a little like what you want, but who likes to settle?

That’s obviously what they’re thinking over at because they’re providing their customers with the tools to make their mark on everything from mugs to iPhone cases to snowboards. Browse through the hundreds upon hundreds of designs on their site, created by everyday users, and you can see just how much genius there is out there in the world. People with incredible visions who, when given the proper tools, can really bring them to life and share them with the world. The folks at Zazzle believe that this is the future of design, crowd-sourcing artistry for the products in our lives, and looking at what has been created, who’s to argue?

Chun-Li T-Shirt

Shingle iPad Case

Custom Hoodies, Sweatshirts

Pillow Designs

Kiss the Cook Apron

Tweety-bird T-Shirt

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