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Never Bore Your Motherboard

So tricked-out cars are kinda done, right? I can’t remember the last time I saw a Honda Civic driving around, neon lights flashing from under its doors, third-party audio system setting off alarms within a 12-foot radius, and lowered to the point where it’s practically scraping the concrete beneath it. Do people actually “Pimp Their Rides” anymore? Definitely seems like that era has passed. So now where are people going to spend their money on insane modifications for the machines in their lives? Some might redo the home, some might get an iPhone case, some might start dressing up their pets in horrible sweaters and booties.

But did you know you could also turn your PC into a little discotheque? is selling all kinds of accessories and parts to help you along the way to turning your tower into a blazing light-show. With the emergence of Apple it’s easy to forget that, at one time, a techie’s PC was a reflection of that person’s personality, each part carefully chosen for its color, its features, and for simply how cool it was. Xoxide is keeping that spirit alive with all the cases, mods and gadgets anyone could want to turn their drab PCs into true artistic centerpieces. If those neon lights can’t be under your car anymore, why not around your motherboard?

Modtek Flexible EL Illuminated Keyboard. Absolutely love this idea, rolling up and carrying around my keyboard sounds fantastic.

Mana Energy Potion - 50ml. To get that last debuff out.

Logisys Blue LED Clear Acrylic Computer Speakers

LED Umbrella (Blue Coth)

XCM Wii Chrome Case. It's not just your computer that they can trick out.

Acrylic LED Case Feet - Green. Making your room look like the UFO you've always wanted.

USB Massage Ball. So needed after 5 hours in the same chair!

USB Aquarium

Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Wireless Gaming Mouse. Looks like it's going to turn into a Corvette and drive off at any point!

Modtek USB Warming Gloves. For those winter gaming sessions, right?

RageGage Stress Smasher - Matrix. Because my stress-ball exploded on me last week.

Cyber Sport Orbita 3D Mouse. About time we reinvented the mouse!

Thermaltake Commander MS-I Mid-Tower Case

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