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Art History

There’s a blanket on my bed that I’ve had since college. I adore it and I don’t foresee ever getting rid of it. It’s seen me through dozens of all-nighters, hundreds of chilly winter nights, thousands of dreams. But to anyone else it just looks like an old, if comfy, sheet. It’s so easy to not ask questions about the things we buy. We pick something off a shelf or click a “Buy” button and there, it’s done. No need to know anything more about it other than “Does it work?” But in so many ways we’re robbing ourselves of what could be the richest and most relevant part of the products we spend money on. makes it their business to remind us that hand-crafted products all have a history to them that is as important as the product’s color, feel, and shape – maybe even more so. Each day they feature a new artisan product that either they’ve found or has been suggested to them from their community of users. Along with the item itself, a video is posted giving us the story behind it. We get to know the people who make it, their inspirations, their goals and why they’re so passionate about their creations. From chocolatiers in Massachusetts making “pinata cakes” to hip techies in Barcelona making a universal charging dock for all your gadgets, the products span the entire spectrum of needs. But even as the functions change, what remains constant are the driven, passionate people making them, and Daily Grommet allows us to know these folks in ways a big box retailer never could.

Anne Koplik Designs - Statement Rings

Ticket Kitchen Hot Chocolate Pops

Kimochi Toys with Feelings. Adorable and with a rich purpose for children.

Liquid Metal Mesh Cuff Bracelet by Sergio Gutierrez

Working Class Studio Cork Planter Set

Serenade Chocolatier Pinata Cakes and Fine Chocolates

Haul Couture Totes

Tivoli Audio Table-top and Portable Radios

Rock My World Hand Cast Silver Jewlery

Spencer Peterman Hand Carved Wooden Bowls

Vyshyvanka Pysanky Eggs. No need to know how to pronounce it when they're so pretty!

Joolz Hayworth Bracelets

Yantra Acupressure Mat

iDapt Universal Charging System

One comment on “Art History

  1. Jar Of Salt
    April 11, 2012

    What a great find 🙂

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