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So after pondering the personal stories behind my possessions, I started thinking about the story behind the actual material that makes up all the things in my life. The glass screen of my phone, the leather of my shoes, the little rubber feet on my desk. I asked myself where the parts came together, how the raw materials were found and gathered, whose hands actually sewed and glued and soldered all these things so that I could have this product. And you know what I found out? That wondering about these things is a one-way ticket to immediate eco-guilt. Ohhh, I was wracked with it and I had to find someway to remove this feeling that I was somehow single-handedly responsible for global deforestation and the hole in the ozone layer.

In comes to my rescue, my knight in non-toxic, post-consumer recycled, shining paper armor. What the folks at Waybasics are offering is simple: fun, colorful, useful and 100% guilt-free storage and furniture solutions. All their products are constructed out of their own proprietary recycled material, zBoard, which is more than half as light as particle board and safer for the environment in almost every way. They’re using this material to fashion an amazing range of products including stackable shelves, bookcases, stools, and even tables. They’re even offering some brilliant decals for children’s rooms and more, all non-toxic, all completely recyclable. This is building with a conscience, with the thought that all our waste will someday come to bear on those who come after us. How can you not support that?

Wee Gallery Decal - Jungle

Storage Cube Plus - Green

Charlotte Table Set - Colorful

Cozy Storage Basket - Flower Pink by JJ Cole

Manhattan Storage Bench and Table - Espresso

Quad Cubby Organizer - Orange

Triple Cube Plus - Black

Madison Bookcase - Black

Manhattan Storage Bench and Table - Blue

Soho Shelf - Espresso

Storage Cube - Green

Wee Gallery Decal - Birdies & ABCs

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