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The internet is an endless universe of information and activity, the convenience it provides and infinite possibilities make it the ultimate resource we have today. One such activity is shopping. E-commerce is undeniably one of the biggest online entities that people interact with all over the world. There are countless sites to fit every need and niche, and new ones are being created constantly.

But with the vastness of the internet, it is now difficult to sort through all the sites to find exactly what you want. It’s even worse if you don’t know the exact item you’re looking for, but have a need within a category of items, such as a great tower for your cat, vintage jeans, or a unique plant for your garden. There are amazing sites to fit your needs, but it takes time to search through them all.

This blog will showcase the great shopping sites out there that you may not necessarily know about, but want to find. Each day will focus on a specific theme. There will be a unique review per day, so keep an eye on it and you might see something that perfectly suits you, or something that you never considered before!

The daily themes are currently:

  • Mondays – all about fashion
  • Tuesdays – everything to do with tech, including electronics and video games
  • Wednesdays – for everything for the home
  • Thursdays – food and drink, whatever that stimulates the taste buds
  • Fridays – any unique random site I find

If you have a site that you’d love to see on this blog, please let me know at moirabasketcase at gmail, and I would love to take a look! I’m gathering sites every day, so you may see your site on this blog before long. I do no get paid by any site to write these reviews, the blog represents only my personal views and experiences.

I try to put together a set of images for every post, usually by taking products that I find directly on these sites. I do not claim any copyrights for the original images, I merely create a photo montage of sorts using the images I find on the sites and rearrange them in a way that I hope will be a useful and accurate representation of the products that the sites have to offer.

Once in a while I’ll post a bonus post about a random topic that features interesting images, so keep an eye out for those as well!

I look forward to finding great sites in categories I don’t even know about, as they all carry the most amazing and interesting items. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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